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Hi. I am Alex Karan. For the past 10 years, I have been conducting psychological research. It was always my goal to make a positive impact and help people live the highest quality lives they could through my research. However, through the systems we have in place right now (e.g., the publication system), the positive effect of psychological research is almost completely wiped out. To help create a better, more connected system between scientists and the public, I decided to step away from my academic research position and devote all of my time and energy to creating a new company called The Research Room.

We at The Research Room saw that research wasn't reaching the people it needed; there are literally millions of research articles and only a small proportion ever make it beyond an academic journal and even if they do become publicized, they are not always readily or correctly interpreted. But we think that research in the hands of people (and not just scientists) could be such a force for good.

The Research Room wants to help make research relatable and understandable. To improve accessibility, we not only have to get research to people for free, but also make sure it is approachable meaning it isn't highly scientific jargon and the research process and researchers are transparent and available for conversations with the community. We want to keep research free to make the most positive and widespread change possible!

We can't express enough how appreciative we would be if you supported our cause and we will make sure all of the money donated would go directly back into the community through the following ways:

-Promoting our content to make sure people see it all across the US (and the world through social media)

-Hiring and paying people that can help with technical skills such as video/audio editing, computer scientists to code a better website

-Create more professional content by buying licenses to better audio, photos, images, creating platforms (e.g., Canva)

-Canvassing and lobbying for social reform

-Holding townhalls or free conferences for marginalized communities (either in-person or through services like Zoom)

-Paying researchers for their time to come on our podcast, videos, or help with large-scale events to help answer questions the public may have

We are a very new company, but please check out some of the content we have created already by searching for roomforresearch on any social media platform you use (or click the social media buttons at the bottom of the page)! Through our content, we hope to give a more equal playing field for the public to be informed and have the tools to make the best decisions for their own lives based on research.

Any little bit helps.

Thank you for your time and kindness and please let us know what we can do to help YOU in return!

-Alex Karan

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