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Here you'll find ALL of the content we have created in a nice orderly fashion.

Feel free to look through the weeks to see which topics are interesting to you!

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Week 14

Resilience Interventions and Outcomes

How can we increase resilience and what does it affect (mental health, physical health, coping,etc.)

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Week 13

General Overview of Resilience

What is resilience and what are the different paths of resilience?

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Week 12


Does mindfulness decrease depressive symptoms?

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Week 11

Social Support and Hypertension In Asian Americans

Does social support relate to hypertension in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese Americans

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Week 10

Social Support

Does social support lower the chance fo future depression and anxiety

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Week 9

Expressive Writing

Does it help reduce symptoms of depression in first-year college students?

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Week 8

Breast Cancer

What words are well-adjusted couples using while coping with breast cancer?

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